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Recent members we have Tweeted

Recent members we have Tweeted

Welcome to Fuck a Fatty!

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Welcome to a website dedicated to fucking fatties!

fuck a fatty todayIf you have every found yourself wanting to fuck a fatty and always wank over BBW, then this is the place for you! We run a fatty dating site in the UK and the Twitter account @ fuckafatty.  This is a paid service where men can go to meet up with large horny women who are looking for a sexual encounter. You can seek local women who are looking for some NSA fun and message them. We have matched countless amounts of couples over the last few years.

So what is the purpose of this site?

Signing up to the dating site as a “basic member” is free which will allow you access to loads of BBW personals. However, many men are unsure as to whether or not they want to sign up to a BBW dating site. Most men are married or in a relationship and don’t want to have to enter their email address into a site.

On this site, we also post images of our most recent members and post blogs for men who would consider themselves BBW lovers. This site is a way for horny men to get a glimpse into the world of shagging fat women. (Always remember, though, if you ever are tempted to dip your toe, sign up for your free trial membership. Clicking the button at the top of this page.)

Why is it better to shag a fatty?

fatty waiting for sex on bedWe think that fat women are better in bed; it is as simple as that. You have probably heard the rumour but not understood why. Let me go into a bit of detail as to why I feel shagging a fatty is the way forward if you want to have the best sex of your life.

There are two types of fat women, confident fat women and insecure fat women. There is nothing sexier than a BBW who knows she is sexy and knows that her curves turn you on. This paves the way for a very erotic shag where she will take control and give you a night to remember.

On the other hand, insecure fat women are also incredible because they work hard to impress. Many fat women’s insecurities come from the fact that they don’t think many men find them sexually attractive. So when they do get one in the bedroom? They work hard to impress and often are up for doing things that your average women would not want to do.

On top of this, most men only enjoy their woman to have a bit of meat on them; something to grab onto and wobble about. If you are into big tits or a big arse, then why the hell wouldn’t you want to shag a fatty? You could potentially have the biggest tits and arse you have ever had in your life!

Why we charge for our BBW service.

Have BBW sex today!This is a dating site with a difference. Because it is a sex dating site, we allow you to filter through all of our sexy profiles by your sexual interests. On sign up, all the women on the site are asked what sexual tastes they have. They are asked what they most enjoy men doing to them, such as anal or oral. They are asked what they enjoy doing to men such a blowjobs or reverse cowgirl.

We then ask them if they have any other fetishes such as dogging or swinging (and many others). Then we can sort these women into categories. So when you sign up, you can simply select exactly what you are after, and we will show you the women who match your needs. So if you are looking for a fat blonde girl who loves giving blowjobs, anal sex and likes to go dogging. You can filter your results, and you will only be shown these women. This unique filtering system makes us a highly desirable sex dating site for fat women in the UK. Why not sign up and give the site a go today.

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