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There are hundreds of men in London who love the idea of having a fuck with a fat girl. If you are on this site, then you are either one of those men who loves the idea of fucking a fat girl, or you are a fat girl who is considering signing up. Today we are writing a blog that is London BBWsspecially made for all the larger women in London to try and convince them to sign up. We wanted to start with a testimonial off another lady.

Looking for all the large women in London

This site already has hundreds of fat women on it. But we did want to take some time just to try and convince other fat girls to sign up. We had a letter in the other day from a woman that read

How dare you refer to us as “fatties”. That is highly disrespect and insulting. How are you ever going to get women to sign up with you just treat us like sex objects that are going to be fucked.”

But that is where this lady is wrong. This site is for all the women out there are only really interested in being fucked. It is for all the girls who want to be treated like a dirty slut in the bedroom and treated like a queen outside the bedroom.

Sign up if you are seeking sex

You see, this website is all about finding you sex. It is about getting you the type of sex you are looking for with men you find attractive. Here is what one of our happy customers wrote in the other day.London BBWs

“I am forty-three years old, and I am fat. I signed up to this site when my marriage was beginning to break down. You see, the thing that scared me the most was ending my relationship and then being alone. I didn’t want to be single. However, being in a relationship. I didn’t want to sign up to a relationship as I already had one of those. What I needed was to have a sex relationship. I signed up to this site, and yes, at first I thought it looked a bit extreme. I don’t know if I wanted to be fucked every night of the week by a new guy, but I did want to have more sex so I thought I would give it a go. I live in London and need more fat sex.

I signed up and was pleased with how polite all the men were. They were like gentlemen, telling me how attractive they find me. Letting me know that they are interested in meeting up for some horny sex. Loving it!”