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I signed up to this site with the intention of having more sex in my life. I have been on the site now for three months, and I can tell you that this site has got me more sex than all the other sites I have been on put together. I am a thirty-seven-year-old woman who recently came out of marriage because my husband was cheating on me with a skinny girl who he works with. As a fat lady in Birmingham, it is painful to see your partner have an affair with someone who you could never be.

After the divorce, I went through a bit of depression and tried to lose weight. I was miserable and hungry. I would starve myself, and then I would eat a huge amount of food until I was sick. I cannot lose weight, and I also have no intention of it. I decided that if I am going to get out there and start having more sex it has to be with men who enjoy having sex with fat women.

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I met up with a few of them and have had incredible sex. Since then my husband has got back in touch to say things didn’t work out with his skinny bitch. Tough luck!”