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Are you fat dogging slut? Perhaps you are a man who has a fetish for a fat woman who loves to go dogging? We started this website over Fat doggerseight years ago, back at a time when the Internet is not what it is now. We wanted to just put men in contact with overweight ladies who were horny as hell.

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Back in the day, these men were just happy to meet these sluts; they had no interest in finding specific fat women. The fact that they had found any fat woman for a shag was good enough for them. But the world has changed. Finding a fat slut to fuck has now become a very popular thing to do. These men now go out of their way to find a specific type of fat lady. Some of these men want to find fat ladies with blonde hair. Some of them want to find black women. The list goes on; this blog is dedicated to all the men who want to find fat dogging slut.

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“My name is Jeff. I have to admit, that is not my real name, it is my fake name as I don’t want my wife to realise I am on this website, so I have set up a sudo account even though I am real, the pictures of me are real, and everything is real. The only reason thing I have changed is my name. The reason I say this is that I know this website is funny about people setting up fake profiles. If they do not think you are real or if you are not actively seeking a woman to have sex with, they remove you from the site. Many of my friends who have not used the Fat dogger girlswebsite for a few weeks comes back to realise that their account is suspended. They suspended their accounts because they didn’t think they were actively using the accounts to have sex. This is why I make sure I come on here regularly and I respond to all the messages that have been sent to me. It helps though because it means I get a lot more pussy.

The reason I am writing this is that I have a thing for fat ladies and I love dogging. I used to sign up to the dogging websites and look for all the fat sluts, and yes that did work for a bit but in my experience, it is much better to sign up to the fat dating sites and look for all the doggers.”